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About Us

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Singapore Tembusutech Innovation (STI) is a venture co-creation driver for entrepreneurs and startups to reach new heights in China, Singapore and SEA. We identify opportunities for startups and investors, STI co-creates the new ventures with entrepreneurs and tech companies in China and Singapore, and cover the different needs through their development and growth journey. 

STI provides a venture building platform and team up with global innovation, investment and service partners to leverage on with their proprietary expertise and resources to empower innovation. We collaborate with China based leading manufacturers and bring resources to ambitious tech companies to unlock the full potential of their intellectual properties (IPs) and accelerate their market access to China, Singapore and SEA.

Our domain of focus includes Medical & Health Technology, Energy & Environment, Digitalization and IOT. 


Focus Area

Focus Area
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Medical & Health Technology

  • Diagnostics

  • Digital Healthcare

  • Medical Materials

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Sports Tech

  • Life Science

  • Food Tech. 

Energy & Sustainable

  • Energy Storage

  • Sustainable Energy

  • Circular Economy

  • Water Technology

  • Urban Farming.

WIne Turbines
Digital Payment

Digitalization & IOT

  • IC & Telecommunication

  • Future Mobility 

  • Digital Twins, VR/AR/XR


  • Quantum Computing

Our Team

Our Team

Advisors and Venture Partners

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