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Our Tractions

Market Access to China

House a NUS spin-off company in STI Nanjing 

  • Introduce clients for kicking off the China market in the first year of incorporation

  • Design the business model and bring in the startegic investor for boosting the China market 

Collaborate with World Top 100 Universities

Tech transfer and investment partner of world top 100 universities in Singapore and Israel

  • Technology licensing

  • Pre-seed investment in startups

  • Innovation & entrepreneurship training

Fund Raising

Completed two rounds of investment with total amount of 20 million USD within 12 months for a diagnostic company in Singapore

New Venture Creation

Set up new ventures in China and Singpore

  • Licensing the technologies from the university and set up a precise medical company in China with the fist round of investment of 12 million SGD

  • Partner with a Japanese startup and set up a new venture in Singapore,  licensing and commercializing the surface treatment technologies for automotive and green buildings.

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